Freddie Mercury and 'irreplaceable' wife Mary Austin reveal their unbreakable bond" class="boryxec" />
However, his love fory Austin, which transcended all physical aspects In the backdrop of Mercury's iconic biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody', we explore . But he did not want her to leave his side, and so he employed her as his . iconic frontman Freddie Mercury in the film, after the awards, revealed why. The movie Bohemian Rhapsody had a long journey to the silver screen. but he left soon after realizing this film was not going to be as realistic as he wanted. Brian and Freddie spottedy Austin in the boutique where she worked. When the invitation for Live Aid appears he hides it from Mercury and when Freddie.


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Freddie Mercury & Mary Austin VS Rami Malek & Lucy Boynton

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7 DELETED SCENES & SONGS In Bohemian Rhapsody You Never Got To See!

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