Pete Wicks Reveals How He’s Been Supporting Megan McKenna After Mike Thalassitis Death" class="boryxec" />
Pete Wicks says he 'will be there' for his ex-girlfriend Megan Pete Wicks offers support to ex Megan McKenna after Mike Thalassitis' death: 'I'm a good friend' Pete went on to say that all the shows he's appeared on recent. PETE Wicks revealed Megan McKenna needs time to process Mike Thalassitis' tragic death. to Megan McKenna following her ex Mike Thalassitis' tragic death Megan McKenna pulled out of appearing on Loose Women after Mike's . silence as he QUITS TV preting role he's hosted for nine years to.


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Megan McKenna breaks down in tears talking about ex Mike Thalassitis

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Megan McKenna addresses split with Love Island's Mike

Montana Brown speaks following Mike Thalassitis inquest

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