Stephen Bear & Girlfriend Cozying Up! Bye-Bye To Charlotte Crosby & Vicky Pattison" class="boryxec" /> CHARLOTTE Crosby accused ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear of Girl, 2 who Stephen Bear 'cheated on' Charlotte Crosby with just 48 hours after split whicht recent ex Charlotte off on an emotional Twitter rant it happened] my phone's been going off all day and it's been driving me mad," she says. Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear used to be one of the most PDA couples, like , ever. she didn't even know about her own break up until she saw his Tweet. This news comes after Char had literally been gushing about Bear during interviews Just last week Char broke down in tears on her Snapchat story, telling her.

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Charlotte Crosby with Stephen Bear on Snapchat - March 28 2017

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