How to save images to the database using the ADO Recordset and Stream object" class="boryxec" /> The Fields collection is one of ADO's intrinsic collections. The Fields collection contains a Field object for every field in the Recordset. The sample Recordset was derived from the SQL statement To retrieve changes from the underlying database structure, you must use either the Requery. TypeOf isn't used with DAO Field objects. You can test the Type property of a field in a TableDef object. Database Dim td As kitandcaboodle.meef.

{CAPCASE}adodb recordset types

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VB6 Connecting Access using ADO and DataGrid Part2 (Profile Pics)

Adodb recordset properties

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Adodb recordset fields append example

Excel VBA Introduction Part 31 - ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) Modifying Data with Recordsets

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