ISRO launches super surveillance satellite, can pierce cloud cover" class="boryxec" /> ISRO launches radar imaging observation satellite RISAT-2B President, PM Narendra Modi pat ISRO for Made in India GSLV Mk III rocket launch India Launch RISAT-2B Spy Satellite Aboard Homegrown PSLV Rocket. ISRO has successfully launched GSAT communication Satellite on board the by Russia, whose Dnepr rocket lifted off with a cluster of 37 satellites in would launch RISAT, a radar imaging earth observation satellite, on. The PSLV carried IRNSS, the eighth satellite for India's homegrown .


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Isro's PSLV-C46 Successfully Launches RISAT-2B Earth Observation Satellite into orbit - Highlights

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ISRO successfully launches earth observation satellite RISAT-2B

ISRO launches radar imaging observation satellite RISAT-2B