Adele and J. Law will Make You Feel All the FOMO" class="boryxec" /> Best friends singer Adele and actress Jennifer Lawrence go out for a fun Friday night at Pieces gay bar in New York City. Randomly getting turnt with JeLaw and Adele. This @thebritafilter video of drunk Adele and Jennifer Lawrence ON THE FLOOR last night at Pieces deserves your attention and. Footage from inside Pieces Gay Bar in New York City in the West Village Adele and Jennifer Lawrence enjoyed the girls' night out we all .. We won: Jennifer joked that being engaged 'didn't affect her ability to get drunk'.


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Adele And Jennifer Lawrence Spotted Partying At Gay Bar

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A drunk ADELE getting Turnt Up at Pieces a Gay Bar in New York City with Jennifer Lawrence

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence at 'Pieces Gay Bar' in New York City

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