Examining the Celtics’ options if Kyrie Irving walks in free agency" class="boryxec" />
The Boston Celtics are growing increasingly skeptical about their ability to re-sign impending free agent Kyrie Irving. drafts — have shown that they can lead a team as close to the NBA Finals as Irving had, if not further. Furthermore, with Irving's streetball style of ball-handling, plenty of players were left. The Boston Celtics own more salary cap space entering the NBA season of term left on his contract, would be a great strategy for the Celtics. Favorite to land Al Horford in free agency might surprise you>>> Remember when Kyrie Irving said he planned on re-signing with the Celtics in front of.

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Ric Bucher would move Simmons over Embiid, talks Kyrie leaving Boston & free agency - NBA - THE HERD


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Kyrie, Horford’s impending departures would save the Celtics $20M in cap space - Get Up

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