Phoenix news reporter arrested and fired after DEFECATING on the front lawn of a man" class="boryxec" /> Lowe, a newsman for KPHO in Phoenix, was arrested on charges of public “ Lowe chose to use the front yard of a residence to relieve himself,” FTVLive, a website focused on the news media, managed to get a photo of the arrest. The story Lowe was covering at the time was an update on a man. A Phoenix TV station said a reporter is no longer with the network after KPHO/ KTVK reporter Jonathan Lowe was arrested after defecating in a Lowe "stood up and walked back to the news van" after finishing his dirty deed, the report said. So I went over to that person's yard and took care of business.


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Water Fasting and POOPING Your Pants!!!

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Is It Normal to Go a Week without Pooping?

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