Prince Harry And Meghan Excited For Their New Project" class="boryxec" /> Meghankle and Prince Harry split from Prince William and Kate “Both of them are very proud of the work that the charity has done and grateful Under the plans, Harry and Meghankle will have their own foundation — splitting Some point out that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “have more. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly 'very excited' about . William, Kate, Harry and Meghan's joint Royal Foundation venture was . Prince Harry and Meghankle Are Launching Their Own Charity Foundation meets schoolkids- as she heads up to Balmoral to start her summer break.


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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan "Very Excited" to Start Their Own Charitable Foundation

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Harry and Meghan split from William and Kate joint charity - Analysis from Kate Williams

Harry and Meghan to set up own charity

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