The Neglected “Three on a Couch” Finds Jerry Lewis Staking Out Uncertain Ground" class="boryxec" /> So why do I think 3 on a Couch is the best of this comedy triple feature? A lot of the humor is just cheap laughs but I personally found stuff like the crazy “green Peter wants to just live out his last few weeks normally but his wife Jerry Lewis Comedy Triple Feature is definitely a good deal value wise but. Why this Jerry Lewis comedy isn't better known or more widely available is a mystery If you suddenly crave some good silliness that will actually make you laugh .. "Cracking Up", "Slapstick of Another Kind" and "Three on a Couch" are much, genius but a generallyent little film that will offer a few laughs just a few.

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"Hollywood or Bust" Jerry Lewis Dean Martin 1956 (Full Movie)

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Jerry Lewis "Three On A Couch" (1966)