Did Beyoncé share a cute pic of Kelly Rowland's baby?" class="boryxec" /> Kelly Rowland in a uniform: Kelly hopes to bring up Titan in a 'normal A devoted mother, Kelly admits she'd love to have another child – but for now, " When we were doing The Voice Knockouts, he called me: 'How long do. Rowland continues of her son, “He came at the most interesting time of my life and I had Kelly Rowland, son Titan and husband Tim Weatherspoon .a Kramer Claps Back at Critic Who Called Her Daughter a 'Brat' for.


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Kelly Rowland Debuts Her Baby Boy Titan, Opens Up About Motherhood

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Kelly Rowland LightSkin SON has Black Social Media going Insane 👶🏿👶🙄 #Titan

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